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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rings & Things Lust

I have gotten the new Rings & Things catalogue and can't put it down. Keep in mind, I have had it for a few weeks now and it sits by my bed. I read, highlight, turn pages down and want. W.A.N.T.  Here are a few of my wants....(can't make pictures work)

Stock#: 27-398-08  Mirage Beads, Mood beads! Seriously ~ love. (shh, they are in my basket)
Stock#: 30-230-7   Antiqued copper small swivel clips, they come in many finishes.
Stock#: 37-100-6   jump ring assortment, antiqued brass, again in many finishes.
Stock#: 37-422-6   Headpins - who doesn't need these, all the time. 
Stock#:  39-349-8  Brass lobster clasps, many finishes. Again, a necessity.
Stock#: 69-106      11 piece disc cutter - WANT!
Hand-Dyed silk ribbons - all colors. Fab!
Rolo Chain - by the spool! I am loving the 3.9 white (40-099-15-1)
And the Cameos - love them! Shh, I am getting a few to make necklaces for my daughter, don't tell her.

Hope you find a few things in the catalogue that you like.


roseworksjewelry said...

I looked at the mirage beads and had to stop looking - cuz I want them! Oh for beading money again...

Cindy said...

Oh you are tempting me now! I need to get a hold of their catalogue!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Courtney, I agree, the silk ribbon is amazingly neat. Reading someone's review of it the other day in our website made me want to pick some up for our our home crafting needs :)

--Dave at Rings & Things

Judy said...

I have purchased the Mirage beads and they are awesome! Extremely lightweight.