beads by breul

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BTW - totally got away from me!

With Monday being a holiday, I lost a day and today was Tuesday, not Wednesday. But I did take pictures of my bead table - moving my soup aside. 

Michaels had a sale (50% off) of the bead gallery beads and I grabbed some!  And, yet again, my glasses are in the picture. Sorry.

Thank you Heather for this fun. I love seeing what folks have on their tables. Also, please check out flickr for more.


Jenni C said...

You have been buying up lately....!

Sheila said...

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit!! I adore your blog and I'm so glad we've connected. I agree; you must grab the beads when a sale is on. You can always use them and a penny saved...have a lovely evening and I'll definitely be back to visit! Sheila

somethingunique said...

Yes i was at Michaels yesterday they had a huge selection of the beads 50% off with an additional 50% & they are also now have a line of metal stamping tools etc,although they are completley packaged so u are unable to the the style and size of the font.have a good weekend :)