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Monday, February 21, 2011

Yesterday's bead show

I went to the Expo center and caught the last day of the International Gem and Jewelry show. It was a pretty decent show.  So many sparklies. Seriously, one table was filled with Swarovski crystals on strands in rows. Under the lights - blinding. I was loving every minute of it! I wanted to take a picture but I figured they would probably frown upon  that.  Below are pictures of what I got.

I had to have those little pewter box things - and then came home and made a great pair of earrings with some of Kelley's beads.

I love those flower beads. One of those "had to have" but not sure what I will do with purchases. You know what those are like, yes?

Great chain


Now these - I am loving these. They are micro-faceted drops, roughly 3/4 of an inch in length. I did make a great pair of earrings with two of these. They catch the light really well. These were an extravagance at the very end. I didn't get some things so I would have money left over to get these.

Of course, the whole reason that I went was to get ingredients for my soup. And I did! I finished the first piece yesterday and got started on the second piece. It is almost finished and I will get some teaser pictures up later today or tomorrow.



Cindy said...

Ah, we barely missed each other! I went to the gem show on Friday with Jeanette... one of these days we'll meet each other! :-)

Elisabeth said...

A great haul :-) Love the pewter boxes and the other components, and of course, I TOTALLY get why you had to have the flower beads!

Pretty Things said...

I'm so sad I couldn't go. Next time you get a postcard from them, can we go together, grab Cindy and giddyup?

Jenni C said...

You did good, girl! Love the drops.

Tara P. said...

Love those flowers! You're right - I wouldn't have a clue how to use them, but maybe it's okay to just buy them to ooh and ahh over how pretty they are? ;)