beads by breul

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Good Wednesday Morning!  I have a picture of what is on my bead table, but more importantly, is that I got two great organizers and CLEANED my table!!

Love those round funky agate beads. The milky blue color is amazing! And you can see that I had 
Kerry Bogart's Totally Twisted book out and was practicing.

I almost didn't get the second one of these. Thank goodness I did. I filled them both immediately and could use a third. They are wonderful!!!!

I know it doesn't look like it, but my desk is markedly cleaner!! :)

Stop by the Flickr group and see what others are working on.  Thank you Heather for setting this up!


Francy said...

I would love to play in your studio. Looks like you got LOTS of nice goodies.

Pretty Things said...

Storage is SO important -- and yet, why is it I have so much stuff still out and about all over the place?

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

I think that looks pretty darned organized!